Time inside the womb counts

My biological age started at the moment of conception!.
So I may add to my age and move back my birthday by 9 months or 270 days, which is a long time when it comes to ageing.
To find out the moment of conception will be difficult as my mother is not longer available, most women aren’t aware of it, not even the Virgin Mary did!. An angel told her what had happened to her when she started to feel sick in the mornings.
In 1961 the biologist Leonard Hayflick and Paul Moorehead discovered that the cells of a human fetus cultivated in vitro, and fed with nutrients stop dividing into new cells, after they reach fifty cell divisions they became old cells (senescent). This scientific discovery pointed out that ageing is built in our cells.
These senescent (old) cells that promote ageing of our tissues that form the skin and organs inside my body are responsible for wrinkles and the diseases of ageing such as: osteoporosis, arthritis, cancers, … etc.
Other researches follow the idea, and in 2011 lead by Darren J.Baker and Jan M. van Deursen at the Mayo Clinic, Rochester Minnesota. They gave drugs to mice that cause the senescent cells to self- destroy. It makes sense so far!!!.
A bit like giving chemotherapy to patients to kill the cancerous tumor cells hopefully keeping the beneficiary alive .
At the end of the experiment Jan M.van Deurse et al, noticed that the mice were looking younger. Of course!!.
For years I have read headlines about the magic pill for keeping everyone young forever. Perhaps these mice have got the answer for me?.
As optimistic as I am, I accept it will be good news for all of us to have an injection now and again to keep young!. “I am too scare of ageing after plastic surgery”!. I can’t stop thinking of the demographic consequences in terms of world population and the huge moral dilemma if no one is allow to ever get old, or die!. Where are we all going to fit in?.
The Biological cycle of life will be interrupted!. “I don’t wish it to anyone present and future generations of my family to have to put up with me as a 10th great grandmother!!!, 200 years old ?. I am quite stubborn and will insist in not changing my way: “I like to eat well, wear miniskirts and dislike A. Merkel.
The future of EU is changing so fast that my prediction may be accurate in 200 years time. We may be involved in crusades all working hard to stop this tiny Island sinking.

What we need, is to get good genes or reengineer our genome that will keep as young, enjoying life, not pills to just exist!. With good prevention of diseases we can improve our chances.
Nutrition and Life style changes help a lot to keep us young.!!


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