Rewire your brain to eat small nutritious portions

The New Year celebration in Valencia went well. Too much Paella, and rice typical food of Valencia was too much for me. We opted out for a different type of cuisine that evening. I have tried most cooking in the world as a true gourmet but Burmese dishes were beyond my reach and imagination.

The hotel receptionist came up with the idea of this cafe place. We went to try the food the previous evening and noticed that everyone at the restaurant were polite, welcoming, healthy, and energetic. We were shown the menu for the New Years eve. We studied the menu and it has five courses and each course has different dishes of nutritious food; rich in saturated fats, salt and minerals from the sea, a variety of proteins, vegetables and a limited amount of carbohydrates.

As we discussed before dinner this terribly ambitious menu and the likelihood of never been able to eat it let along to digest it at midnight, the curiosity of trying something new overrule our doubts and we went ahead and booked the place for dinner.

The menu had :Three types of snacks; One Oyster, One King prawn depp in a broth of King Prawn in a tiny cup, accompanied by a mini cheese and spinach samosa.

Five Entrees: Four tiny pieces of fish in a ceviche, two scallops in a satay sauce, One soft egg cooked at a low temperature for hours with a white truffles sauce, two morsels of lobster in a handful of basmati rice cooked in coconut cream. A vine leave with two mini slices on top of pork belly cooked on soy sauce with three dots of edamame beans pure .

Fish main course: sea bass around fifty grams with Korean vegetables. Meat main course:Tandoori Lamb shank around fifty grams with saffron rice.

Pudding: Galangal with spiced bread and mango sorbet.

After each course it was a glass of wine of the best reserve, and the 12 grapes with the Vino espumante for the midnight wishes as the new year begun.

I only took some pictures of the most ambitious dishes. Perhaps reading the menu was enough to quench our appetite. We didn’t need to be anxious about being too full!!, the portions were tiny, appetising ,nutritious and delicious, but never near causing an indigestion neither adding pounds to our body weight. The light feeling in the stomach the following day and the energy we gained taught as a lesson. Eating a dinner of small and nutritious portions could be a way to reduce ones appetite by rewiring the brain!!!. Eating less is more.

Ways to rewire your brain to eat less and feel better:

1-Have a variety of proteins (red meat, game, poultry, fish, seafood) in your main meal to comprise at least the 120grams to take you through the day.Make sure you have your healthy daily intake of cholesterol. Cholesterol too high or too low in not good for health.

2-A variety of seasonal vegetables to stimulate your metabolism specially your thyroid hormone production and get your energy back. If you are deficient in this hormone avoid : cabbage, Brussels sprouts,broccoli,kale, cauliflower and any other vegetable too rich in Manganese as it does block your thyroid gland Iodine uptake.

3-Have fresh seasonal fruits that are low in sugar such as all sorts of berries, and apples, etc, in the winter.

4-Drink plenty of water through the day as it does quench your thirst and reduce your appetite, it helps body metabolism to works better.

5-Chew slowly while you eat, the most important part of the food digestion takes place in the mouth. To take care of teeth is a must!!.

6-Buying small size crockery and serving your food in awkward plates or bottles where you can’t get it easily is a good way to kill your appetite and spent your time. Serve fish wrapped in bacon with mushed potatoes at the bottom of a small jar and try to eat with a fork and knife!. You will get impatient or persevere and finally will be satisfied of your achievement, when you get the first piece of food in your mouth . We experienced this as an ultramodern restaurant.

7-If you have time to grow everything organic in your garden well done!. Farmers markets are best to buy your food. If you live near the sea lucky you!. You get most minerals for your bones and hormones from the sea water and sea weed.

8-Cooking at home and entertaining is not a bad idea: it is cheaper, healthier and you are the only one that knows the ingredients that are in your food. How many times one goes to restaurants and spend serious money on a meal that one can’t eat? “You ask the waiter”:What is in the dish as you may have a food intolerance to dairy? He can’t remember the ingredients in it neither the chef. small