My Ageless Lifestyle

As the time passes by and I seem to be ageless, I started to wonder what I have done to deserve this great life.
I am passed middle age, and have escaped the mayor problems that will lead to chronic diseases and a miserable artificial existence fuel by medications. Once I have reach this age, to arrive to 100 is the target. I am competitive and want to spend the rest of my days travelling.
I have a recent MOT including all the blood and medical test for a 50s model car engine with a lot of millage. I never thought that my heart at my age will do such efficient work, it had beat at least trillions of times without ever stopping, or going into a funny rhythm. My memory is very good and so far I haven’t had a first pair of reading glasses or failed a hearing test. All I want is to create, to do things to continue working, and active until the last day of my existence.
The medical test carried out included my routine female checks and my nutrition/absorption, they were 100% normal. I don’t like drinking or smoking and I only eat 100% dark chocolate.
I don’t suffer fools gladly, haven’t got aches or pains and I still enjoyed plenty of good life. My brain appears to be more alert than ever, I am not a techno wizard and I have developed a technology itch in recent years, it is essential for my survival in the 21st Century. This is something that most people 45+ try to avoid. When I sent the first e-mails I was amassed that I could communicate with strangers at the other side of the world. So I am pretty confident with the social media and could do histograms but I don’t feel narcissistic enough, and beside I am not photogenic. I prefer doing other things such as: socializing, dancing, gastronomy, art, travelling and sightseeing the constant changing London. I still find the telephone useful for embarrassing situations such as; ending a business, affairs, sending bad people packing away.
My life style like for most people that worked in banking, technology, counseling, looking after patients has involved a lot of hours of sitting at the desk.
So like everyone I have been overweight, had eaten bad food, a lot of cakes and chocolates in my 20s-30s. I have a lot of stress, haven’t done enough exercise since I was at school. As a child my uncle Euse call me “tortoise” as I seem to be thoughtful and very slow.
So my rules to keep young:
1- I Don’t waste energy and my joints exercising, in particular as I am not naturally inclined to it. It is horrible to force yourself to go to a gym everyday for years. What a waste of time! Have a look at the sagging, sweaty old geezers around you at the gym and the horrible looking grumpy plastic surgery rejuvenated old women pumping away their youth. I exercise in total 20 minutes a day, stretch and warming up like a cat and then a brisk walk around the block.
2-The best exercise is walking outside and having plenty of fresh air.
3-Diet is a No. Starvation slows down my body metabolism. My weight has gone up and down, it is now back to the same weight I had at 35 years of age.
3-Contrary to Scientific Evidence about nutrition which is based on speculation of what people may eat. I eat plenty of Cholesterol rich food they are good for me. The contraindication to eat fat in my view will be heart disease, hardening of the arteries, to have high cholesterol , obesity or the doctor’s advice.
4-Seasalt in moderation is good.
5- I have frequent nutritious small meals trough the day, they are energizing and keep my weight down.
6-Five portions of fruits rich in sugar a day will make me obese. The best fruits are berries.
7-Vegetables are the best food to help me burn calories.
8-My heart and my sex life are link, as cholesterol is good for the sex albeit too much of it could be bad for my heart.
9- I keep positive and reduce stress with friends, social life and dancing.
10-I had been lucky to get this far through life by having developed hope, spiritual life and faith.
11- I don’t worry about money it’s better to have wealthy friends.
12-We’re all different because of our genes. Find out what keep you young!. I Stop craving for sugar. I eat mainly vegetables, fish, white meat, and small amounts of complex carbohydrates.
13- I sleep 8 hours if I can every day. It is good for keeping young.