What is my Health age?


There is an image that tells  how old I look,  it is very subjective and can be helped by make up, cosmetic treatments or plastic surgery, it is not my real self and it isn’t Anti-Ageing. It only removes the signs of Ageing even is one is rusting away inside. As I don’t used much of make up, or cosmetic treatments and never plastic surgery my image is fresh, glowing and natural. I radiate with youthful energy. So this image make me look a lot younger.

Not only my face, but my body, my hands they all tell how young I am.


This age is based on my emotions and levels of energy, being able to fall in love and be in love. Love life and the world. My memory and concentration, creativity, ambitions. I feel in my 20s.

My energy and ambition are enormous, now that the years are going fast the zest for life is huge. “Make no mistakes life and ageing is about fun!”.


This is my birthday, I am 60+


It changes with ageing for most people and one is as old as the oldest part of ones body is. So to explain this, if the oldest part of your body are your bones and you are in your 30s, your biological age for your bones is 60- 70 as a result of the wear and tear.

I check every year my blood looking for signs of disease, my hormones for energy, my nutritional profile to make sure my intestine is absorbing and I am feeding my body engine well. Every cell that is part of me needs good nutrition, so it is possible to check whether the nutrients are in side my  system.

If there are vitamins deficiencies and my gut isn’t absorbing well a combination of high quality nutrients and nutritious food is enough. I lived in England and there isn’t enough sun shinning, I take Vitamin D3  every day of the year. Of course I always do a blood test to make suer I don’t over do it. Work in doors makes it worse.

Hormones and Neurotransmitters I have tested, ever since I was in my twenties there were Issues with my thyroid, sex hormones are essential to check ,and food for sleep and the brain.

Food intolerances have been part of my life since birth.

Screening for cancers is always a must; cervical smear, pelvic ultrasound , mammogram and any other test that may indicate cancers such us Ca125 for Ovarian Cancer , Carcino Embriogenic Antigen for Colon Cancer. There is too much hype about checking Ageing by measuring Telomerase length( a small chain of Proteins at the tail of your genes that it suppose to shorten at the end of the chromosomes and make one to age fast), in my case I did a genetic profile some years ago to match my nutrition and risk of disease.

After all these test I can say my biological age is in my 20s.