Dairy intolerance is in the genes

Lactose intolerance is genetic and I was born with it. Scientific studies have located the  mutations C/T13910 and GA22018 located in the genes encoding the lactase phlorizin hydrolase (LPH) which is use as a test to find people with the Lactose intolerance.

My life has been marred by food intolerances that  started in my childhood. I always remember this ambivalent relationship with food; enjoy eating and then punish with some sort of umpleasant symptoms . Drinking cows milk as a baby triggered a series of food intolerances that sometimes when I was under stress seems to happen almost eating any kind of food. I felt miserable, It was inconvenient and a nightmare customer at restaurants. Once I rang up to Ramsay’s Restaurant at Claridge’s, needles to say that I was send away as the famous chef didn’t believe in intolerances or take any nonsense from customers. In my days nobody understood food intolerances, when you visited a doctor the only thing he had in mind was penicillin. Needless to say antibiotics made matters worse.

It is quite remarkable how I cope all those years, and unknowingly of my milk intolerance I gradually stop taking it. I choose to have the famously healthy Greek yoghurt which didn’t help. In my teenage years I had frequent headaches on the forehead and sinus problems that lasted for more than twenty years until I discovered that I was intolerant to wheat. I have moved away from home to University and have introduced wheat into my diet, I think I became addicted to bread as I founded it delicious, in fact I crave for eat, it was the first time I gained weight.  After the wheat came the intolerance to chicken, to eggs, to tomatoes, back pepper or anything that I will eat every day.

In my case all the problems started by being introduced to cows milk as a baby after been weaned. Lactose intolerance is very common around the world, 75% of the world population develop this intolerance after drinking for a while milk.  Humans are the only species that carries own drinking milk right up to adult life with not very good health results. This lactose intolerance occurs with all type of mammals milk including goat milk, buffaloes, sheep in the UK, In other parts of the world there is milk available from camels,horses, reindeers and donkeys.

The sugar in the milk  to be digested needs  to be break down into small molecules  by an enzyme call Lactase. I was born deficient of this enzyme . After eating dairy products, the symptoms were troublesome and anti-social; flatulence, bloating, loose motions and sometimes tummy cramps, eczemas and skin rushes that can make one feel miserable.

In the last twenty years when professionals starting to mention food intolerances I began to  investigate it and  I was astonished that after doing the elimination diet test for milk and wheat, three weeks later like magic!, my headaches and bloated tummy disappeared. By then my intestine was not absorbing much vitamins and minerals from the food as a result of damaged of the intestine’s lining brushes, so I lost my beautiful hair once so abundant and my bones have began to thin.

I took drastic measure in terms of removing all the offending food. I used the elimination diet and monitor the levels of intolerances by having IgG blood test for the offending food. After abstinence for a period of six months to a year I will reintroduce the food in question. I persevered by trying to reintroduce  dairy products and never manage to tolerate them.

Dairy products and milk are a life time genetic intolerances for most people. We don’t need mammals milk but we must have the calcium from vegetables, seafood and supplements.


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