Age of Ageing in the UK.

The longest living person in England is a 113 years old, she has had an active life and never did any exercise as unnatural as going to the gym. Gladys Hooper is the typical centenarian as the other 13,780 that have reached the age of 100 according with the Office of National Statistics 2013. She has had a good health with just a hip replacement at age 112. She worked most of her life and has an active and clear mind. She has enjoyed independence, a free spirit and determination. She has done things considered more masculine when she was a young woman such as: learning to drive a car in 1920, and achieving success as a concert pianist, a teacher, married to an RAF officer, quite an accolade of achievements considering that most women in England then were mainly housewives.
The diet she had while growing up after the war was more balanced than the diet eaten by younger generations. Consider the fry ups and takeaways sold in most high streets across the UK.
“Should we blame foreigners for bringing fast food to this nation”!.
She was born in Bermondsey, London 1903 and grew up in the countryside. She seems to have had a rather privileged and unconventional life, and she has been lucky to be still alive , enjoying a good quality of life looked after by her own family.
Men that have lived to a great age , one to110 years old in the UK seem to have a less healthy life style, they have escaped the diseases of old age in spite of drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes. These bad habits may have acquired in their youth when in those days drinking and smoking for men was approved but not for women.
According to recent scientific studies all these centenarians share longevity genes, in spite of a simple diet, and some bad habits they remained free of disease.
The number of centenarians in the UK has more than quadrupled in the past 30 years, according to the ONS 2013. Survival rates are higher in England and Whales. The government is increasing pension ages trying to cope with the problem of helping to the care of the elderly in the UK. More than half a million people are already over 90, and more millions are reaching their 80s.
Recent economic pressures leading to the old spending all the money in their care at nursing homes, may change the younger generations minds, and make them realize that is not a bad idea to look after their parents and at the same time keep the money in the family.
“ A caring society should look after the elderly”!.