A Vlogger’s cry for help!

For all my followers that had visited my blog Ajourneyofagelessyouth.com and the hundreds of people brave enough to view my blog, and for the humungous brave ones that left a comment, I would like to thank you for your support.I am telling all of you that I am not giving up blogging.
Being thick skin, not minding being ignored, rejected, criticised has been my secret for success in life. I always wake up every morning glad that every day is a challenge, that solving problems is my skill and experience in dealing with life problems is what really counts.
Hard work doesn’t pay sometimes if there is no skill, what may pay for me is perseverance, if I star at the bottom of the pile by being a terrible blogger, I have taken notice of this by your lack of interest in my blogg, my life and my work.I know you are too young to care about ageing. I remember as it was yesterday counting in my fingers the years that I have to wait for my 15th years birthday party to come.
There is a learning curve and I have two choices:
1)To become the best blogger globally or,
2)To become the worst one and that in itself is a success as I have managed to learn a lot about the social media,internet technology, improved my rustic photography skills and keep up with my reading.
To have a courage to share in public my thoughts has been a success,I have learn to overcome fears, and I promised at this moment and time that I will continue to inform you on matters of youth, to annoy or entertain you. I know it is a matter of finding out how!. I have become obsessed with some aspects of social media, communicating with people, most of my followers are very young musicians, young girls in design and artists, I want to be and feel young again by sharing their world and giving back some wisdom and experience.
I have had my encounters and have been careful to drive away on the internet traffic from users going around shooting others, looking for a fight or just plainly being unfriendly. On the other hand the reason why I want to continue is not because of Google+ plus Shervington’s own UK community hostile attitude, he is ignorant pompous and petulant, a man child that should know better about art, posting a drawing of the London underground is boring and shows total lack of imagination. LOL
So please keep coming back I will make the contain more user friendly, more exciting even sexy. So if you want to know about:
Being Young
Looking Young
Feeling Young
Behaving Young
Forever Young
Fat and Young
Thin and young
Beautiful and Young
Ugly and Young
Happy and Young
Sad and Young
Healthy and Young
In love and young
Succesful and Young
A looser and young
Wealthy and young
Keep reading this blog, I find writting it a challenge, compelling, it keeps me young.
I promise I will share advice and not lecturing, so I will be turning this blog into fun.

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