Kill sugar cravings keep young


Once I opened a box of chocolates or had a cake or bread it was impossible to stop, my blood sugar will peak and as it got too high inside my body the Insulin hormone will bring it down immediately to keep me going, I felt I needed another chocolate to stop the faint and cold feeling. Needles to say that  all these sugar  was store into fat around my middle. My appetite was never under control, I craved sugar all the time. As the years went by I began to notice a bitter taste in my mouth specially after eating refined sugar or complex carbohydrates. The reason behind all these was that my intestinal Immunity was compromised and the growth of yeast in my body was out of control, forget about the bad breath and the wind.

The story doesn’t stop there as it becomes a habit, a need and addiction to have to eat something sweet.It is very difficult to stop it,  wherever you go there is always an opportunity, specially birthdays, Xmas and any kind of social gatherings as sugar is always part of the menu it comes from all sorts even alcohol.

When stress got out of control and my weight started to go up by two stones, I try to stop the sugar  but it was difficult, may be eating just fruits and some vegetables  such as  beetroots and carrots will make the trick. It didn’t work, I felt weak and faint and relapse to eating bread .

The problem with sugar is that stop the body from using its own fat to make sugar, so my body metabolism was a mess. I felt the stress as my adrenals glands weren’t not getting the right nutrition. With so much inflammation in my body and intestine as a result of so much sugar I began to lose my hair, my skin tone cause sagging and thinning of the skin and wrinkles. I was looking older for my years.

It is impossible to stop all these in one day, or years as my new year resolutions to stop carbohydrates  will only last for a day. I then discover that the way to stop this sugar craving was not stopping eating or dieting like a model. It was about eating sensibly: more protein, vegetables and good carbohydrates. Frequent meals with small portions through the day worked wonders.

Cholesterol is amazing if you have a good metabolism and can burn it. It took away my stress and the need for more sugar. I don’t like a cake or a biscuit anymore, my body doesn’t need it!!!. I don’t crave for sugar and I can go to the best patisserie in the world and don’t feel the desire to eat the cakes displayed in the trays.

To keep your craving for sugar and weight down, have regular small meals with plenty of lean protein, fish is the best if you don’t have too much stress. If you feel down and lacking in energy take some cholesterol rich food in small amounts. Exercise in moderation to keep your body demand for sugar steady.

I have for the new year celebration a very low in calories menu at a restaurant, the smallest portions ever when I saw them. I couldn’t believe that such a long menu was just morsels of nutritious food, but my God!!!. They did the trick.

Come back for more reading about rewiring your brain to eat healthy food. I have checked my Glycated Haemoglobin that tells how much sugar I have in my body in previous months and it is fine.  I have inherited risk for Diabetes II , I like to keep an eye on the sugar in my body.



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