Millionaires live longer?

Centenarians tend not to be rich


It is a myth that money buys health and happiness. I had the oportunity to  study the longer living people in the world and wealth was not the most important factor for living longer.

Researcher Dan Buettner, who studies these populations for the National Geographic Society, calls these long-lived pockets Blue Zones. The top five Blue Zones may be relatively isolated and scattered around the globe.Centenarians living in Okinawa ,Japan; Sardinia, Italy;Loma Linda, California; Nicoya, Costa Rica; Ikaria Greece have been recorded in public register as the longer living people in the planet.

Soviet state of Georgia, the valley of Vicalbamba in Ecuador and the Hunza Valley in Pakistan; in these places researchers found that age exaggeration was  common , and public records such as: birth and death certificates weren’t kept with accuracy.

Money is useful to a point of access to the best health in the world, if one has a cultural environment that reinforces healthy lifestyle habits such as : good nutrition and regular exercise.

A long life span artificially extend by medications is not the same that ageing with a quality of life through prevention. It is a life philosophy that to os worth to take care on oneself to avoid the body disintegration and suffering of old age.

To have a medical screening every year with the latest scientific technology in the world doesn’t stop ageing!. It only remove fears of cancers and heart attacks and stroke temporarily.

Social life and cultural activities are good for living longer. Millionaires are too competitive to enjoy the company of other humans, they can’t relax or share their precious time with others. They only indulge in social egotistic activities such as charities, politics that will enhance their status, power, and ego.

To spend time in activities like meditation, spirituality,yoga, being nice to other human beings, are essential for living longer or seem to be having a long life. All these pastime  is too expensive, and time consuming for rich people. Who want to have a spiritual life if the only God is money?.  The number of millionaires around the world has increased too the number of happy families and happy individuals have decreased considerably.

I don’t wish to have more than enough for a confortable living, but if God has a plan of sending me money!?” Please send a lot, as much as a billionaire’s money”.It is the  best way to be!!, so I can spend the rest of my life wasting  and giving away everything until I am left without a penny. This is what happen to most money when One is gone and the family fritter it away.

So One has a chance of living longer by being content and happy, having a lot of friends, good exercise and nutrition, and plenty of love. It is even better to be  without worries of material possessions by having good friends with money. Don’t forget to be grateful for your survival genes.


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