Ageing Stereotypes to Ignored

So when it comes to Ageing, we all agree it starts at birth. We developed physical features and looks to fit in in these stereotypes: newborn, toddler,child, teenager, young, 40+, middle age, old.

I haven’t fit to stereotypes. I have  kept my body and mind young. Like to dress youthful, elegantly, sexy, and attractive. There is an art in choosing the right dress to  look young. My pheromones still turn heads around. My memory is amaizing it is all just as good as it was when I was young.

I am very Independent and my mental capacity  is boundless. Always keen on catch up on new technology, youth language, youth art and culture.I don’t do youth gym is not natural. My favourite exercise, dancing, walking, sex and what else?

I like to be with young people to sponge up their knowledge without wisdom. I am and feel young but have the advantage over them of experience and wisdom.

I never diet, I love cholesterol, read meat in moderation, sea salt but refined sugars or too much honey I don’t take.

I keep my vocabulary young, cool, read the latest, go busters movies, exhibitions and art galleries. It is a no, no to talk about disasters, loss libidos, loss of opportunities, by gone eras, diseases, pains, disappointments, missed opportunities, baby sitting, and grand children.

I live for today, the present, the moment.

I don’t do medications only my supplements and natural hormones in gels apply to my skin.

I compare my picture at 22 and the one at 63 and I still recognise the same me without plastic surgery.


So I look 40 feel 20s and have the abandonment of a teenager, I want to have fun forever. So what is old? the official documents that have recorded my birth?. As a good vintage wine the older I get the better the taste, the bouquet, and the woodiness. My value increases with age I feel eternal.

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