Boy or Girl?

Before I was born wars and tropical diseases used to kill a lot of people.

My parents did a good job to guarantee the survival of the genes. They  managed to have a big family of 9 boys and 2 girls.

I am  a XX female?  although I think sometimes my masculine energy must be in my genes. So how come? I could be a XY boy genetics with the  gene SRY missing?.

Or I could be a XY boy without the AR gene no muscles, body hair and male bits. So I look  efeminated.

Now I am beginning to understand how the programming of genes can be complicated.

If you are confused about all these.”Don’t worry, it is confusing!!

We have to understand coupling:

girl+girl+ boy

boy +boy+girl



Don’t worry about all these follow your heart the genes do the work.

Have a good time.

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