This is the Beauty we have to care for before is too late!

Lets bring back beauty where it belongs:

My little friends that were my toys as a child, come from the forest of Colombia. They are so tiny that they will fit into a  shirt pocket. They are not so many left around, if we don’t care for them they will disappear from the planet forever. To grow up surrounded by animals and nature is a privilege.!!

Humans are beautiful too!!

A  woman young or old  radiates beauty from inside.

A healthy inside makes a beautiful outside.

Men and Women’s beauty and health are under attack from a  exploitative Fashion Industry and  Plastic Surgery that turns people of  all age into slaves and plastic dolls.

I love myself  as I have a lot of unconditional love. I think I am beautiful and  wonderful already, all these  comes from inside.

You don’t see a croc asking for plastic surgery!

I love so many things in my life : my own family, my husband,  sons, my friends,  my job,  my pacientes, nature,cooking, reading, music and traveling.

Family and friends are essential for ageing well and living long.

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