My grandparents ate well for my DNA?

I read recently in the scientific press  a series of publications :  “The grandparents poor  nutrition may have an effect on the intra-uterine development of the unborn child and these DNA defects can be pass down to the next generations”.

I only new about my mother’s parents who had  suffered from minor ailments such us Allergy to latex and food intolerances that lead to intestinal poor absorption and later on in life to bone thinning although an occasional bone fracture. Food Intolerances have been present in my genes going back at least one generation, it is now present in my two sons in the form of food  intolerance to yeast and dairy products.

My father lost his father at age sixteen, he was the eldest of four children, one brother and two girls. At age nineteen  he left home  to continue  a profesional musical  career on his own. As I write this an image of my father as  a nineteen years old comes to my mind. A  young man on a mule crossing the Andes . This mountain range  divides as it enters Colombia  in three different branches: west, central and east, it runs from south to north of the country, and with colosal mountain peaks  of volcanos and glaciers  covered by snow spreads over most of the territory. In the early nineteen twenties and thirties Colombia starts to grow its economy. Exports of coffee, bananas and the exploration of  crude oil brings revenue.  The Panama Canal built between 1904-1914 brought new comercial opportunities to Tumaco.

A catastrophe that happened in 1906, an earthquake between the Colombian and Ecuadorian  Pacific coast triggered a Tsunami. Great devastation was caused to the area around Tumaco, so my father’s parents or my grandparents survived the tragedy. I can’t imagine the distress that may have been  caused to them by the lost of their loved ones and their possessions. Tumaco recovered from the disaster and soon had  air transport. SCADTA 1919-1939 (Sociedad Colombiana Alemana de Transporte Aereo). Steam boats operated by Colombian and English companies transport cargo and people between Tumaco and Buenaventura since the late nineteen century. So  it  was a very important port in the past with communications  between Colombia and Europe. This explained  how Germans arrived to Colombia invited by the government and  my father is taught music and art at a German College.

There are survival genes in my parents.

My  mother’s  father’s ancestors descended from a martyr and my father’s ancestors have been through a disaster of considerable consequences, they both are able to adapt to difficult environment and circumstances. In my father’s family after the  Tsunami food must have been in short supply without  vegetables or nutrients if most of the soil is underwater. They must have had a  lot of stress from losing loved ones and their possessions. Looking into their lives it is easy to imagine how the environment may have contributed to their health and have an effect in their genes and these defects have been passed down  to the next generations. Bad nutrition and  stress can cause: Obesity, Heart Disease, Diabetes, and Hypertension.

By the sea I will expect the diet to be healthy with: plenty of protein, fish oils, coconuts but unfortunately  not enough good carbohydrates, vegetables and fruits to make up for vitamins deficiencies during the times following the earthquake devastation.

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